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Proper Clothing. Proper Worship.

November 20, 2022 Speaker: Derek Whalen Series: Christ Alone: a Study of Colossians

Topic: UPCC Passage: Colossians 3:12-17

Listen to sermon here.


Sermon Outline

Proper Clothing (v.12-15)

  • Who’s clothes is he talking about? (v.12)
    • Every single believer
  • What do these clothes look like? (v.12)
    • Compassion: A Deep sensitivity to the needs and sorrows of others.
    • Kindness: Spirit-initiated softness of heart.
    • Humility: I am willing to forgo my own rights for the good of someone else.
    • Gentleness: a tender heart towards God and others.
    • Patience: Enduring a wrong w/o flying into a rage or throwing a fit.
  • How do these clothes function? (v.13)
    • “Bear with one another”. Lit.: hold yourself back from others.
    • “Forgive one another” (Matt. 18, Heb. 8:12, Ps. 103:10, 12)
      • choosing to not hold something against another, and choosing to take the hit
  • What is the key piece of clothing? Put on love.
    • Love is the belt that keeps the whole thing together
  • What is the result of the ensemble? Peace w/in the body:
    • Peace is the umpire that should rule body life.


Proper worship (v.16-17)

  1. Word of Christ- the gospel message announcing what God has done in and through Christ (1:5 1:15-22)
  2. We ought to teach and admonish one another. (Hebrews 10:24-25)
    • When “church” is over, it’s not over



  1. How was my outfit this week?
  2. Who can I encourage before I leave today?
  3. Whatever it is that I am doing at this moment, can I do it in the name of Jesus?

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