The building is closed for meetings until further notice. Check out our latest updates here.

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January 19th Schedule

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Weekly Update - March 26th, 2020

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Most Recent Videos

Did you miss Pastor John live on Facebook for his message? Check out the Facebook video here to see his message from Matthew 14. View this Sunday's intro video here and the sermon here.

Devotional Thought from Pastor John

During these changing times, each time we send out this update, the Elders will be sharing some encouragement from the Word to help us stay focused on Christ.

Passage: II Chronicles 1

This chapter lays out the first steps of the reign of King Solomon. He was the son of David, so he had some pretty big shoes to fill. David left him a nation with secure borders, a healthy economy and happy people. How do you top that? As I read over this passage I was reminded of the importance of choices and where they come from. I encourage you to read over the passage. I have added a few points that stuck out to me to that I hope will help.

  • God Chooses who will be Great: In verse 1 we plainly see that God lifted up Solomon. We live in a world and a time when even in the midst of difficulty it seems like the focus can easily turn to who has the answers or who is the greatest? God is the one who lifts up and brings down. Stay focused on God, not man, especially during these times, as well as in all of life's decisions.
  • Solomon led the People to God: In the next few verses you see how Solomon took ALL; yes, look at that list: all the leaders of the land, and where did He lead them? Right to the place where you worship God. Again, we do live in difficult times, but are your attitudes and actions as you lead and influence people leading them to God, or to hysteria? Let's lead people to the God of peace.  
  • Solomon Lavishly Worshiped God: Read verse 6. How many offerings? 1000!!! He did not do the minimum or even the expected. Instead you see a royal king humble himself, and through lavish actions show who and how to worship. There are many of you in hard times with no work, stressful homes and challenging jobs. Are we taking time to lavishly worship God? It takes sacrifice, focus, and above all a heart fixed on Christ alone. Now more than ever we need people who lavishly worship God. Some of my best times of worship have been at the expense of rest; others have cost me resources, but they all started with a heart focused on Him high and lifted up.
  • Solomon's Desires are Revealed: Have you ever been asked what you would wish for if you had the ability to make any wish you wanted? What was the first thing that came to mind? It usually reveals your heart; sometimes that can be great and sometimes it can be shameful. Solomon's immediate response when God told him he could have anything was what? Give me wisdom and knowledge. Why? “So I can serve your people.” I encourage you to take a deep heart look, remembering your wishes can uncover your heart.

Ways to Stay Connected

Under this category we will be offering reminders of ways that you can stay connected to the body even if we cannot meet face to face. Please feel free to share your ideas as we are open to suggestions of other ways that we might not think of.

  • Friday, March 27 at 12:15 pm.  Pastor John will be leading a time of Scripture reading and prayer using a conference call line. You call in to this number and then use the code with the # sign at the end. This tool is being used by many, so you may have to try a couple of times. Call 605-313-6314 and use the code 559650# 
  • Online Bible Study:  Please email Pastor John ( if you are interested in doing a Bible study remotely on Philippians. Please contact him by tomorrow (March 27th); we will start the week of March 29th. Once he hears from everyone he will determine what times work for the group or will offer a couple of options. We will use zoom which you can call into from your phone or be on video.
  • ZOOM:  The church purchased a subscription if you would like to utilize it to stay connected with the church family. A power point on how to set up and use zoom is attached here. If you are unable to access Power Point you can click here for a google slide presentation. This can help Bible study groups, GAP groups, or just friends see a familiar face and catch up, study the Word, or pray together.

Resources for all Ages

One way we want to help our church family is by directing them to resources to help during these changing times. Below you will find various links and sites to help you grow in the Lord, find help and give you some direction. If you come across sites that you think would help the body, please pass them along to us. Please click here to find a list of those resources.

Attention Ladies

How are you holding up? Are you having trouble staying connected with your UPCC sisters during this difficult time? Could you use some extra encouragement right now? We would like to help you a bit in that area. If you would like to sign up to be matched up with another woman from UPCC to keep in touch, pray for each other and just stay connected, please click here and send your name, email address and phone number to Sandy Buckley. You can also click here to find out more information about what we have in mind.

No Sunday Service March 29th or April 5th

Due to the Governor’s instructions we will not be having services in our building and the building will remain closed. But please check your email again on Saturday afternoon for a link to enjoy a taped worship service. The Elders continue to monitor things and meet via Zoom to pray and make decisions regarding our ongoing activities and services.

Easter Sunday Breakfast Update

Due to the uncertainty of when we will be meeting again and the amount of preparation this event would take if we do find out last minute if we can meet, The Elders have decided to cancel this year's breakfast.

Benevolent Fund

Many of you have been asking how you can help those in our body in need. The Elders have begun to try to get funds to those who are in immediate need. If you would like to specifically help them you may give online or mail in funds to the church and designate it Benevolent fund.


During this ever-changing time, we are looking to not only meet our ongoing expenses, but also to help those in need. We ask that you continue to give as you are financially able to. Some of you have had your hours cut back or are not working at all, while others are working overtime. We are confident that God will continue to meet all our needs and would love your help in being a part of that mission. You can give online (click here), or you can mail in your checks to UPCC, 258 Main Street, East Greenville, PA 18041. If you would like help to set up Online Giving please feel free to contact Sue Esterline at, or you can click here for additional instructions.

Attention Life Sustaining Workers

The Greater Philadelphia YMCA does offer childcare for children of essential personnel. It does cover our area. Please click here for more details.

Great Way to Help Our Community

Please consider helping our local community by giving to Open Link. Click here to see how your gift can reach out and care for those with needs in our community. You can also click here to go directly to their website, or call them at 215-679-4112 to see how you can help.

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