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You Cannot Outrun God

June 26, 2022 Speaker: John Buckley Series: Jonah

Topic: UPCC Passage: Jonah 1

Listen to sermon here.


Sermon Outline

Who is Jonah? (v1)
  • Is this story fiction or fact? (Matthew 12:38-41)
  • Where did He come from? (2 Kings 14:23-27)
    • His name meant Dove
    • He was a prophet of God
    • He lived at a time of Spiritual destitution (Amos)
    • He was given an unwanted task
What is Nineveh? (v2)
  • It was founded by Nimrod (Genesis 10:6-12)
  • It was the capital of Assyria
  • It was a large city perhaps a region
  • It was a vile and pagan city
How did Jonah respond? (v3)
  • Jonah ran from the Lord
  • Jonah went the opposite direction
  • Jonah was not out f reach of God
How did God respond? (v4-8)
  • God sent a wind
  • God directed the crew
What was Jonah’s response? (v9-12)
  • He was honest about who he was
  • He was honest about what he did
  • He was honest about what they needed to do
What was the crew’s response? (v13-15)
  • They tried to save themselves
  • They cried out to God
  • They threw Jonah overboard
What can we learn? (v16-17)
  • Obey God’s plan no matter what
  • God will get honor and glory even in our disobedience
  • God will use whatever he deems necessary to do His work
  • You cannot outrun God


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