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It’s All about the Heart, Part III

April 12, 2020 Speaker: John Buckley Series: Follow Me: Learning to Live Like Jesus

Topic: UPCC Passage: Matthew 5:38-48, John 18:1-14

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It’s All about the Heart, Part III

Matthew Series: Easter edition


You may be wondering why we are sticking with our Matthew series even though this is Easter?  Great question. As we have continued to walk through each section in our “All about the heart” section of Matthew it is amazing how God sets up the passages for us.  Today’s message will be in Matthew 5:38-48. As we tackle two more ways that we see Jesus teach about heart I think you will easily see the connection.


Sermon Outline

Christ teaches on Retaliation (vs. 38-42)
  • The Law set a standard for protection of people
  • The Lord set a standard of extravagant grace & Love
Christ teaches on Loving your enemies (vs. 43-48)
  • Loving your neighbor is easy
  • Loving your enemy is demanded
Christ lived out both in his last days (John 18:1-11)
  • He showed them what He could do
  • He showed them how they should act
  • He showed them what love and grace really looked like
Questions to consider
  • Does your heart desire retaliation and vengeance?
  • What do your actions reveal about your heart?
  • How can you live a life of extravagant love and grace?


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