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January 19th Schedule

10:30AM - Worship Service

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Topical Studies Upcoming

At UPCC, we have a weekly hour called "Connections" that takes place immediately after our 9:30am worship service. Our usual Connections hour is Elder led groups that spend time reviewing, discussing, and applying the message that was preached during our service.

Starting this Sunday (April 24th) we will be starting three topical classes during our second hour time (11am-12pm). These classes will be more focused studies and will take place April 24th, May 15th, and May 29th. 

Below is a quick snapshot of the classes so you can choose the class that would be most beneficial to you. 

Class #1: My Modern Bible Study (3-week class)

Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to study the Bible? Have you ever thought that it is impossible to understand and interpret Scripture like a pastor or seminarian? Come to our 2nd hour series called My Modern Bible Study and pick up a few ideas of how you can better explore and understand God's Word. We'll take a look at everything from study methods to available resources to time management and how they can all help your study time become more efficient and meaningful.

Class #2: When Faith and Politics Collide (3-week class)

Is there a right or wrong way to interact with politics in our culture? How did Jesus act in the political climate of his day? What Biblical principles can help guide us as Chrisitans to have an impact on our culture? These and many other questions will be answered as we study key Biblical principles that guide how we live in the intense and divided politcal culutre God has placed us in. 

Class #3: The Struggle of Depression (week 1) and Understanding Islam (weeks 2&3) 

Whether we personally struggle with depression or someone we know struggles, depression is something that can often leave us helpless and alone not sure how we can be helped or help someone else. A brother from our church will be sharing his personal struggle with depression and also share how we can minister to someone in need. 

If you have looked at the news even once in the past year, you have probably seen a headline related to ISIS or radical Islam. It's easy to be filled with fear of the unknown or even dismiss  something that doesn't "directly affect me". This class will take a look at what is at the root of radical Islam and how it is chaning the world. This class will also instruct us on how we can be a witness to the more and more Muslim neighbors and community memebrs that we will no doubt encounter if we haven't already. 

We hope you will join us for these three weeks as we study these very important topics. The senior high students will be joining the adults as well. 




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