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Families Matter


From the very beginning, the family has been the foundation for human flourishing. Unfortunately, we can observe through history that when the family fails, the civilization soon follows in that very same path of failure. Through the pages of God’s spoken Word, we see the importance of Godly fathers who love and lead Godly wives. These two as one flesh then strive together as one to raise up children who love God. As it has been since the beginning, pursuing God’s plan for the family can be one of life’s most challenging endeavors, however, it can also by God’s grace, be a rewarding journey.

It is our desire that UPCC be a place where Biblical families are being cultivated. A healthy church will be made up of healthy families who impact both the Kingdom and community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Families matter to us here at UPCC and we hope that our ministry will always be a place where the broken can be mended through the power of God’s Word.


Family Ministry @ UPCC

Infant-Pre-School: We are a community. This means we have the opportunity to pour out love on our youngest members together. Child care is provided each Sunday by a loving group of volunteers who truly love caring for the many children God has blessed us with here at our church. 

UPCC Kids: Jesus took time to teach the children that followed their parents in observing what Jesus did. It is our desire that as children follow their parents to church, they encounter the very same Jesus and Scriptures that the children in Jesus time observed. There is no greater joy and responsibility then introducing and developing the narrative of God’s story during the important formative years of elementary school. This ministry is for our K-5th grade students. We will also be doing “Summer Fun Days” with our elementary students this year as well as other planned activities.

Student Ministry: Our youth ministry is called EDGE here at UPCC. This stands for Eternally Driven by God’s Example. The “teen years” can be very challenging for parents and students so it is our desire to lift up the example of Jesus Christ for our students to follow. We are committed to developing mentoring relationships with the students God gives us with the purpose of encouraging and equipping the students to grow in their personal walk with Christ. For more information and details about this ministry you can look at our calendar.

Parent Ministry: Isolation is bad. Isolation in parenting is very bad! Parenting is the hardest task on planet earth. Fortunately, God does not ask us to walk this path alone. God has given his daily grace and we have his church that can provide support on this journey. There are many ways that you as a parent can get plugged into support systems in our church. A few of these are parent discussion nights, marriage mentoring, discipleship groups, parenting classes, and mom’s in prayer. We do not have all the answers for “perfect parenting” but we do serve the perfect Father who has all the answers!

We would love to share more about how you can get connected in our family ministries here at UPCC. To find our more information simply email or stop in and visit us for one of our worship services.

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